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Harbor Fuel

Harbor Fuel is Nantucket's #1 Source for a Variety of Home Heating Fuels

At Harbor Fuel we deliver quality heating fuels to your home via automatic delivery, or you can monitor your fuel levels and call in your requests for delivery.

Heating Oil

Harbor Fuel delivers top-quality Oilheat to homes and businesses on Nantucket Island. Oilheat provides the highest quality warmth of any heating fuel, and it's been a better value than natural gas for 17 of the past 20 years in Massachusetts. Oilheat also has a clean, green future, due to the introduction of renewable Bioheat® and the transition to reduced-sulfur fuel.


Bioheat Logo It's clean, it's green, and sometimes it's made from a bean! Harbor Fuel is proud to deliver Bioheat®, the hottest thing happening in home heating oil. A mix of heating oil and biodiesel fuel, Bioheat® is chock full of benefits! Bioheat® is made from soybeans or other natural resources grown right here in America, so it supports local farmers and local jobs. And because it's renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic, it's good for Mother Earth. Plus, it's good for your heating system because it's clean-burning. Best of all, you don't have to make any changes to your current boiler or furnace ... your service ... or your delivery, because Bioheat® burns as reliably and efficiently as "regular" Oilheat. We know how important it is to preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy, and that is why we are pleased to offer Bioheat® to all our valued customers. Want to learn more about Bioheat®? Contact us now.

On- and Off-Road Diesel

Harbor Fuel Oil delivers ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel for stationary and mobile tanks, vehicles and equipment. We also deliver off-road diesel for construction, farm and other stationary equipment; and generators. We price our fuel competitively and customize each delivery program to maximize your convenience and productivity. If you're now sending your vehicles to public filling stations, we can help you control costs and improve productivity by fueling your fleet at your location.


Portable kerosene heaters have become a popular choice of supplemental heating over the years. We offer premium quality K-1 kerosene for your entire home heating and recreational needs.

Exxon Mobile Logo


Harbor Fuel provides quality ExxonMobil gasoline for your fleet or equipment. Our delivery options are flexible, so you can run your business on your own terms. You can also fill up at our fueling station located at 26 Macy's Lane, right next to Nantucket Airport.

Need more information about our fuels? Contact us.

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